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    The importance of remembering is mentioned quite a bit in the Bible.  One of the great portions of Scripture though is Deuteronomy.  In the Book of Deuteronomy, Moses needed to give the new generations of Israelites the history of their people, why they were in the suburbs of the Promised Land.  While the original generation that left Egypt died off during the wilderness period as a punishment, the children did not fully understand the miraculous act that happened decades before their time.  They were raised in the desert and the wandering nomad life was all that they knew.

    The Lord of Israel was made to known to the new generations of Israel as Moses recounted their story again in Deuteronomy.  He told them that the LORD alone is God and that there is no other.  Why?  Because He brought them out of Egypt.  That is the basis of the claim, because God brought them out of a strong land with powerful acts.  Throughout the OT this is the basis of so many claims to being and remaining faithful to God.  Israel ought to love God alone because He brought them out. Therefore, the people should “keep his statutes and commandments.” (Deut 4:40)

    The people were also told to bind them on their heart and make it a sign in their house (6:7-9)  It was important to do this because they (and indeed we) are so quick to forget.  We must always be mindful of the fact that it is God who provided.  He provided bounty for Israel and a cultivated land for their heritage.  It is in this faithfulness He made with His people (a covenantal faithfulness) that they were called to hold onto every day.

    So we should give God honor and praise for his magnanimous nature.  In this praise, we should also remember what He has done, namely redeeming us through Jesus. He was faithful, even when we were faithless.