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    I have the privilege to bring back a blogger-friend who has taught me a lot through her work.  Julie Caulder blogs over at “Incite Faith” and her passion is finding redemption in brokenness.  I have learned a lot through her transparent writings, and I highly recommend subscribing to her blog Incite Faith.  Follow her on Twitter @InciteFaith



    The beginning of 2014 marked a milestone in my life and career, I was promoted. A career was never a word in my vocabulary, I had no real plans for a career, only being led where God wanted me. I was conflicted with accepting my promotion. One part of me felt I didn’t deserve it another felt it was owed to me after everything I’ve been through in the past two years both personally and financially. I prayed continuously for a year and half straight for an opened door and opportunity professionally never knowing God was going to provide. Yet, I still felt conviction for accepting it and allowing the success go to my head.

    I could feel the pride in my heart and it completely wrecked me. I needed to take a step back and realize being promoted was less about me and more of what God was purposely doing in my life to display His glory. God wants to see good things happen for His children but not until they’ve been through test and trial and  learn to be faithful with little.It’s when God’s children learn to be faithful with little when stripped of everything they learn to rely on Him through everything.

    Over the past two years, I’ve been through unemployment in my family and having to provide for all three of us, I’ve been through abuse, mental and verbal, and I’ve had my savings depleted. But all these things never made me waver in my faith, it only made me seek God more.

    We are only successful when we are earnestly seeking Him first in everything because God’s plan for our life never guarantees success. It’s how we are living our lives when He graciously gives and takes away. We will never be successful when we’re relying on our own strength or believing we’re entitled to any of His blessings. When we place our will before His and center our life around self than Him, we are sinning. 

    Everything in life must never be done out of selfishness but with humility. My promotion is not about me, it’s about what God wants to do through me in my workplace. He has called and equipped me for something beyond my scope of understanding.

    As God’s children, we must always guard God and others more important than ourselves.  Daily, through His love, we must serve others regardless of our position or environment.

    John 3:30


     He must become greater; I must become less.”

    Do you care more about success or being a servant of Christ?

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