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    I used to make fun of people who read business leadership books and blogs.  Now, I’ve found myself gravitating toward them, subscribing to blogs and podcasts that I probably wouldn’t have subscribed to a year back.  I guess my affinity toward this genre started when I took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class.  I started listening to his radio show and then was introduced to Dan Miller, Stephen Covey, and other greats through Ramsey’s show.  So now, I have become what I used to make fun of and now I’m planning on living a better story.

    Jon Acuff’s blog is one resource that I have been drawn to, because it helps encourages people to live with purpose.  Acuff posted a picture of a sign last week, with the phrase “When presented with the choice to accept average this week, I want you to remember this photo.”  The picture is of several ducks.  While four are walking, one is struggling to fly.  One is using the gift of flight and is working hard to soar.  It might not be the prettiest thing in the world, but the duckling is getting it done and is not settling for waddling along, hoping not to get hit by a car.

    It seems like daily we are faced with two options: waddling and soaring.  We can waddle through the day at work and at home, or we can make it awesome by soaring.  Waddling is the easy way, trudging through life slowly but surely.  Waddling is going through life on the sofa, being a passive person, waiting for excitement to strike.  Soaring, on the other hand, requires risks and investment.  It requires flight time and falling.  Soaring is getting up early to work on a dream or reconnecting with dear friends.  Soaring is about taking ownership of your life and pursuing a dream.  I don’t know about you, but I want to soar, no matter if it is awkward at times.

    How have you overcome waddling in life?