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    This year has been marked by major changes.  I last told you that one big change came from graduating out of seminary into the world.  Now that this education has helped equip me, I have been fortunate enough to find myself putting this into direct use in a new role.

    When I graduated from my undergraduate education, I was hired into a government office and put my political science degree to work.  However, after years there, it was clearly time for me to move on, I needed to transition into something else.

    I initially enrolled in Fuller Seminary years ago as a way of stretching myself in academics and in my own personal growth as a follow of Jesus.  Little did I know that through the courses and conversations, I would encounter a new direction for my life.  I would be challenged to take an unexpected turn that really makes sense now looking back on my life.

    My junction

    Recently, I received the incredible opportunity to plant a ministry in San Francisco and to help oversee the initial development of it within the city.  Throughout my many conversations and times of research, I felt a strong sense that perhaps God was calling me to this position, a new chapter of my life in a new place.  In this role, I will work with youth in a mentoring capacity, pointing them to Jesus through both informal conversations and talks.

    What makes this so different is that my time with youth will be centered on a culture of asking tough questions, cultivating a space where people can be real and honest about life.  It’s a safe harbor of vulnerability for the students when their broader world is usually so tough.

    The crazy thing about this transition point is that the many conversations I have had throughout the years have led me to this fitting conclusion: a place of vulnerability and grace is an important shelter to have in this world.  We need lives of vulnerability in order to emotionally function well, and I hope to share this message with these students.

    This new transition, this turning point in my vocation, has been something I have been looking for and it’s here.  I now have the window to share this news directly with others, to point them to the abundant grace that can be given to all.

    Sharing this message of grace with others doesn’t have to be a paid position though; it needs to be done at every level, both laity and ministers alike.  Grace needs to be extended to others, and I hope to extend this message of vulnerability with those I come in contact with on a daily basis.

    How has grace worked its way into your life?

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