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    Song of The Wave

    “In the beginning was the Word…”

    “Jesus wept.”

    In the first words from the Gospel of John, we read that Jesus existed before the foundations of the world and that Jesus created the universe billions of years ago through a word.  Through an act of creation, setting in motion the cosmos through an incomprehensibly big bang.  The Word spoke and creation followed.

    Then we read in John that this Word decided to become flesh, he came down to the ground in order to bring God’s Kingdom and His will to the neighborhood.  He healed people, turned water into wine, and challenged the religious leaders of the day.  Then we find out he did something.

    He wept.  

    Jesus cried over the death of his good friend.  He cried when he saw the tears of people he loved.  Jesus’ heart ached.

    Jesus the Messiah is not a Stoic or some distant philosopher.  He weeps for his people who choose to walk in darkness and reject the light that is given to all.  He mourns for those who remain in darkness.

    Jesus comes to us in truth and in tears.  Yes, he is truth.

    He is also life in all of its implications.  

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