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    Please pardon the lack of posts, I was out and about at a youth program back East and writing quickly jumps to the bottom of the list at a summer camp.  While I was there, I had the distinct privilege to share stories, laughs, activities, and the good news of Christ with middle and high school students for nearly a month.  While my plate was quite full of relationships and youth camp life, I’m queuing up for more posts this summer.

    Was it tiring at the program?  Yes.  It was pretty exhausting, but it was tiring like a good workout is tiring.  I grew in my faith and worked on my leadership skills while I was there.  In short, I feel more confident in who I am as a follower of Jesus and as someone who desires to point others to him.

    Since my plate is full this summer, how about yours?

  • Awesome Jeremy! Glad to have you back. What a cool opportunity to spend time at youth camp having fun and talking about Jesus. I miss those days!

    We’re enjoying our first summer with our son. He’s growing too fast, and we’re making him into a fellow beach bum.

    • I’m sure your son will appreciate your efforts! 🙂 They really do grow quickly, don’t they?