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    Have you ever had a down day and you just don’t know why?  Those haunt me every so often, even though I knew that my life at the time was going pretty well.

    One of the many things that I hold onto when I feel low in my relationship with God is that it is possible to please God even when I feel down.  While some world religions are full of works and submission, Christianity is fundamentally different.  It is fundamentally different because we needed God to act and to help us in restoring a lost relationship.  We needed him to approach us and to give us the opportunity to come home.  It’s like a parent who finds their lost child who wandered away from the family at a crowded mall.  That parent went out and found the child who was lost in the crowds.  So it is with God, who actively sought us out.

    He is pleased when we choose to follow him in a life often filled with pain and chaos.

    Have you ever realized that?

    Paul would write in Romans 2 that those who present themselves as a “living sacrifice” does something tremendous.  They give back to the one who rescued them from the crowded mall of life.  For those who are in Christ, these place their hand in his, the good Father who found their child wandering through aisles and aisles.  It is pleasing to God if we walk with him, even if we do not feel like it sometimes.  Perhaps the child did not know they were lost at that time, but now he or she knows that they are safe in the loving hands of their savior.    I hope that you and I can rest in that today.

    What metaphors help you in life?