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    Have you ever seen those “Believe” bumper stickers or vague, kitschy church signs about belief and wondered what they meant?  Theologian Karl Barth succinctly unpacks what believing in Jesus means for us today:

    Believing is not something as special and difficult or even unnatural as we often suppose.  Believing means that we listen to, we listen as God’s speech.  What moves us is not just our own concern, but precisely God’s concern.  What causes me worry, that is God’s worry, what gives me joy is God’s joy, what I hope for is God’s hope.  In other words, in all that I am, I am only a party to that which God thinks and does.  In all that I do it is not I, but rather God who is important.  Imagine if everything were brought into this great and proper connection, if we were willing to suffer, be angry, love and rejoice with God, instead of always wanting to make everything our own private affair, as if we were alone.

    Just imagine if we were to adapt everything that gratifies and moves us into the life and movement of God’s Kingdom, so that we personally are, so to speak, taken out of play.  Simply love!  Simply hope!  Simply rejoice!  Simply strive!  But in everything, do it no longer from yourself, but rather from God!  Everything great that is hidden in you can indeed be great only in God.

    Karl Barth, Watch for the Light

    Trusting in Jesus more than just putting something down on your resume, it has real world impact.

    How does believing in Jesus make sense to you?

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