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    When I feel like I’m in a rut, after reading how a follower of Christ ought to act towards others (blasted Gospels and Epistles!), I often times get really discouraged.  God wants me to be at “100%” to be righteous and awesome, but I feel like I’m at a “1” on the Christ-like scale.

    While that might be a little on the emo-side of things, certainly I’m not the only one to have this emotion.  Right?  Bueller?

    The good news is that God is there one step ahead of me, holding out his hand to draw me one step closer to Him.  Through Christ, I can move from that “1” to a “2” and slowly move to “3.”  It is in by being in Christ that we can move forward, closer to the 100.  It is by being in Christ that God can lead us out of the darkness into light, as I mentioned previously in my first post.

    In a brutal ancient world, God called Israel, his people to be different.  He called them forward.  They certainly did not arrive at a complete just and compassionate society.  But we haven’t either.  Whether as a modern society or individual, we are still far from that perfect reality.

    But when you feel discouraged like me, I pray that you would take heart.  For if you are in Christ, God sees Christ in you.  He sees his goodness and declares you righteous.  If you are in Christ, you will be whole- you will get there one day.  But not yet.  

    For in Christ: God is with you.  God is for you.  God is ahead of you leading the way.

    One step at a time, my friends, one step at a time.  We’ll get there soon enough.  

    (3rd of 3 parts on Rob Bell’s book What We Talk About When We Talk About God)