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    JUDO !

    Today I have the privilege of guest posting over at Incite Faith.  Here is a snippet of what you’ll find:

    If you could compete in any Olympic event what would it be?

    If I had to pick, I would go with downhill skiing and curling.  Yes, curling.

    Curling is chess on ice with a lot of strategy and thinking through the shots.  I imagine if I wanted to become good at this game I would need a lot of hours of practice on the ice, strategically placing these stones along the frigid surface.

    When it comes to playing sports and games, practicing is really a no brainer.  You simply need to practice to succeed and hopefully with enough practice you will do well at your task.

    In his first letter, the Apostle John wrote about a practice of a different sport.  No, not wrestling or javelin throwing, instead it’s practicing our sinning and righteousness.

    Check out the rest of the post here.  Hope to see you there!