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    Scandinavian Country Dream 

    I have a problem.

    I want to listen to Christmas music.

    You need to understand, prior to baby Lucy, my wife in earlier years would have been pouring over Christmas music for her choirs.  August and September usually had carols and tunes looping as she picked out her choir pieces.  It’s just not fall unless I hear that music!

    At the risk of being ostracized by the community, I can neither confirm nor deny that I’ve given into the craving and listened to it in the past month or so.  If I did, I certainly would not have listened to the pop-garbage that plagues the radio, but instead it would great choirs and symphonies from around the world.  For the sake of argument, if I did listen to the music, then I probably was hit square in the eyes by the current season.

    While the Northern Hemisphere enters into the autumn, the Church Calendar is still entrenched in the season known as Ordinary Time.  Advent will be here soon and Christmastide will shortly follow; however, now we’re still in this ordinary space of the calendar.  We have normal day in and day out living.

    Let me tell you though, it’s OK to be in the Ordinary Time.

    I used to get caught up with the big events in my faith: youth camps, big concerts, and service trips.  But it took me many years to realize that while big life events are fine, we live more of our lives in ordinary seasons.   Christmas fills a month of our calendar and other holidays take up days or weeks; however, life marches on.  Ordinary Time is with us for a huge portion of the year because life is filled with normal daily routines.

    I believe that God is in those ordinary times though.  He is there in the beautiful flower blooming in the summer.  He is there when coffee fills the air on a lazy Saturday in September.  He’s there amid the school projects and mundane dish cleaning.  The ordinary times of life are often the most meaningful, those casual coffee runs with loved ones are often what we treasure years down the road.

    Dear reader, look for God in the ordinary times and be present in those moments.  While joyous holidays and celebrations come and go, find the beauty of life in the mundane things.  Who knows, you might be surprised with what you find!

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