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    My 2013 Life Theme: Hope in uncertainty

    I was challenged by Eileen Knowles at The Scenic Route recently in her post When Your Story Has A Theme (go read it).  In it, she related that the current chapter in her life has a certain theme to it, living expectantly without expectations (see her other post Living Expectantly Without Expectations).  Quite honestly, I feel that God is trying to teach me something in 2013 as well along those lines.  I wish he was teaching me how to crochet soft scarves instead.

    Noticing the Theme

    My story for this calendar year has been centered on trust.  Trust God.  Trust him some more.  And then trust him when I doubt.

    My writings have all taken on this theme, my mind is centered on this, and even my TV viewing habits have been centered on this.  It seems like somebody is guiding scripts, books, and sermons with the purpose of slapping me in the face with this truth.  I feel like Will Ferrell’s character in Stranger than Fiction sometimes.

    Embracing the Theme

    With all joking aside, I’m painfully grateful that God is teaching me something.  For too long I have lived in comfort.  For too long I have chosen to be average, when in reality I am called to be something different.  I am called to be an ambassador of God’s Kingdom.

    I watched a TED Talk by artist Phil Hansen recently and in it he recounted his life story as an artist with a tremor in his hand.  It was in a moment of despair when he learned to embrace the shake.  He was counseled to embrace his limitations and then choose to transcend it.  

    So I think that’s what I’m going to do.  I have chosen to embrace the theme and not be crippled by it.  I’m going to embrace the shake up by God and live with hope in uncertainty.  Who knows, God might be up to something.

    So as of halftime for 2013, I can say that my life theme would be hope in uncertainty.  How about you?