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    If you are trying to wrap your head around God, what I suggest the first things to do is to not imagine a perfect human being.  Don’t picture a big Gandalf in the sky as I used to do.

    Why?  Because God is not like us.

    He is entirely other, so far from our own preconceived thoughts and emotions.

    While we can write about how God is a father or a mothering hen or a warrior king or a tender bridegroom, we simply are grasping at straws.  For the God who brought Israel out of Egypt and raised Jesus from the dead is so much greater than our imperfect metaphors.  He made us in his image and our language can only describe a small portion of the original image.  Let me give you an example to this point.

    Men and women were made in the image of God and we reflect his image much like the moon reflects the light of the sun.  But while the moon lights up the dark of night, it is not nearly as bright as the radiance of the sun.

    The moon can only reflect the light given by the sun.  Similarly, humanity can only reflect the light given by God to others and our reflection is much like the metaphors we use to describe God.

    So with this in mind, when we communicate to others about the grandeur of God, bring an element of humility to the conversation.  We are all looking through a window covered in dust and dirt, but one day we will see it clearly.

    God is wholly other than our metaphors.  As Karl Barth said, “One cannot speak of God simply by speaking of man in a loud voice.”  God is God and not a better version of humanity— no matter how loudly we might speak.

    Any other theologizing tips?