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    tiny foot

    A new child brings a lot of new realizations.  While lack of sleep and an abundance of dirty diapers are two major presences that came with Lucy, another one of those realizations for me was that everybody will tell you who the baby looks like.

    She’s got your chin, her eyes, aunt so and so’s neck, and great-great-great-grandpa’s left eyebrow.  I’m sure you’ve probably heard those remarks or have said them from time to time.  The list seems to go on and on!

    While it’s fun to speculate and to make these claims, I’m convinced that Lucy looks like Lucy and that she has the imago Dei firmly etched into her little frame.

    It is true, Lucy has genes from both sides of her parents, but she is still so very different.  She’ll have different quirks and looks, and will be interested in different things.  If this little girl bears the image of God, then she also brings out small characteristics that our infinite Creator has.  Like the overflowing joy at the wonder of a blossoming tree and the excitement she has when looking at the magnificence of a horse.

    Yes, Lucy looks like Lucy, but she also bears the imago Dei and that is something that undoubtedly makes God smile.

    Photo: Pawel Loj via Compfight