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    Have you ever found yourself leaping forward to an idealized future or jumping back into a golden era of your past?

    I have.  I have done that too many times to count.

    I read a recent post by Allison Vesterfelt about our tendencies to run either into the future or into the past through our active imaginations.  We jump into time periods that are easier or more fruitful.  A time that brings a measure of certainty and reality.  A time when we actually knew what we were doing instead of improvising like Captain Jack Sparrow.

    Through my recent career change and move to San Francisco, I find myself wishing that things were easier and that I could fast forward to four years from now into the future world I’ve spun in my head.  A time when things are more certain and I don’t have improvise.

    Have you ever felt like me?

    Have you ever wanted to fast forward or live in a highlight reel moment from your life?

    As Allison reminded me though, this is simply a fool’s errand, an easy trap to fall into through the danger of comparisons and listening to (to be blunt) lies.  Listening to lies that if I just earn more, get a spouse, have my child sleep on a sleep schedule (please, God!), get a better job, or retire then [and only then] will I finally be filled.

    I hope you might consider being present in times of uncertainty, to be present in moments of the great unknown.  Heck, why not even be present in moments that will not make your highlight reel?

    What I have found is that sometimes we need to embrace the mess and discover where God might be in those situations.  Sometimes, it’s even OK to improvise in the uncertain situations instead of reaching for the remote.  

    When did you last want to fast forward or rewind your life?

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