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    The letter B

    I have caught myself putting a lot of stress on myself.  I pursue excellence, strive to live a better story, and plan to be effective in my life.  Working  for all these things are great, but I fear that we might miss out on something: being ordinary.

    Years ago (back in the Myspace days), I once said that the animals at the birth of Jesus must have acted strangely when the Word was made flesh.  However, a mentor of mine graciously pointed out that this wasn’t the case; instead the animals must have worshipped the creator of all things by acting ordinary.  They ate, drank, moved, and even defecated to the glory of God.  In short, they were ordinary and God must have loved their reactions!

    This got me thinking:  I wonder if the image bearers of God (read: you and me) sometimes get caught up in the pursuit of extraordinary when ordinary is due. 

    Not ordinary in the sense of being in a large amount of debt, or just living for the weekend or just going to church on Sunday. I don’t mean these things at all!

    I mean ordinary in the sense that kids are raised in a loving home, pointed to the sufficient work of Christ.  Ordinary in the sense that men and women grow into pillars of strength within their communities.  Men and women aiming torward ordinary so that God’s love is prominently displayed for all to see.

    Ordinary isn’t bad, it’s living to our fullest potential.  In short, ordinary is loving God and our neighbor.

    Martin Luther once said we can love our neighbor by crafting a good shoe and selling it a decent price.  That, my friends, is ordinary and God revels in the fact that his children create beauty, even with a pair of loafers.  He loves when we reach out to others, sharing the love of Christ in word and deed.


    Do you fall into the extraordinary trap?

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