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     sleep is the enemy

    I have a confession to make: I like to read blogs and subscribe to email newsletters.

    It really is a strange habit when you think about it, I understand that.  Like some of you, I subscribe to blogs using my Feedly RSS reader and sometimes subscribe to them by email.  But one of the side effects of subscribing to too many of these is that if I happen to take a week off for some reason my RSS reader and inbox are simply overflowing with material.  Can anyone else relate?

    Truth be told, I used to feel bad about not reading material sent to me by friends, acquaintances, and mentors from afar.  But then I realized it was OK to hit the reset button and declare bankruptcy on the 800+ posts that haunted my Feedly.  However, if I simply wanted to survive the onslaught of information in this age, I needed to learn to let go.

    So every so often I take the dramatic step of marking all as read.

    You probably get the implications of this, especially if you have your own blog that I read from time to time.  Friends, that means I might have never glanced at your posts from a few weeks ago, as brilliant as it might have been.  No hard feelings, I just don’t have the mental bandwidth to process it all especially when I’m juggling so many new things in life.

    It really is a huge relief to realize that I simply do not have to read everything out there.  I hope you gather that too.  Even if you have to hit the “mark all as read” button or delete one of my posts from your inbox, I won’t be upset.  If you want to live life well, then I hope you are able to cultivate margin in your RSS feeds by declaring bankruptcy from time to time.

    Happy reading!

    Have you ever declared RSS feed bankruptcy?

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