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    Our pastor recently said that what is true about Jesus will be true of those who are united in Christ.

    Think about that for a second.  

    If we have been united in Christ, we too can share the same Spirit of power that raised Jesus from the dead.  Pretty incredible!

    In Christ

    I did a search of “in Christ” at Biblegateway, and it is true that Paul is obsessed with this phrase.  Not only are we raised to newness of life in Christ (see I Corinthians 15 and my previous post on this), but we are also a new creation (II Cor 5:17), we have freedom (Gal 2:14), we have been justified/declared righteous (Gal 2:16), and we are sons and daughters of God in Christ (Gal 3:26).  More can certainly be written, since there are more examples of this phrase in Paul’s writings, but I hope you get the picture that being “in Christ” is more than kind of a big deal.

    Our lives in Christ

    Since being in Christ is a big deal, I hope you understand that our core definition of who we are is not our career, our marriage, our hobbies, or our history.  No, it is who we are in Christ.  A flower is beautiful whether it is connected to the root or when it is freshly cut.  However, that flower will slowly wither if it is not connected to anything.  We too must be connected to Jesus, like a flower planted in a beautiful garden.  We too can be connected to a sustained life.Flowers Regent Park

    Don’t get me wrong though, being in Christ does not mean that all will be golden.  We will be called to live differently, to act differently, and to speak differently.  Sometimes, there will be conflict.  Whether that conflict means a sword or heavy criticism from loved ones, being in Christ can produce incredible discomfort.  For being in Christ means you are part of a different Kingdom, different than the darkness that is so often around us.  Sometimes, this difference will promote tremendous conflict.  We are given the choice, the chance to be a part of a grand story.  You and I can become part of the story of God, the story of the Kingdom breaking into a broken world.  If we are in Christ, we too can become a part of that narrative.  We too can become be immersed into this story.  

    But dear friend, if you are in Christ, know that there is no condemnation, there is only an abundant life.  You will be united in Him in his death and resurrection.  As I mentioned previously, don’t worry about going to heaven when you die, know and be assured that if you are in Christ you will be given life.  The resurrection of the dead and life everlasting will happen, and you will be in that number.